If the Cavs land Paul George

The departure of Paul George from the Pacers has been a long time coming, and he finally has announced to his team that he’ll be leaving in free agency after this next season. So instead of the Pacers losing Paul George to free agency and getting nothing for him, they’ve begun talking trades with the Cavs, who are the biggest potential trade partner, even though trades will most likely be discussed with numerous teams. It’s been said by George that he’d like to sign for the Lakers more than any other team. But the Lakers won’t be willing to trade for George as they want to hold onto all their assets, hoping George will honor his statements and sign with them during the next free agency period no matter who he ends up playing for this upcoming season.

It’s no secret that the NBA has already been ruined by the Golden State Warriors. The signing of Kevin Durant sent a signal to the rest of the league that no one can stop the Warriors, even LeBron James, unless your team has at least 4 All-Stars. The Cavs went toe to toe with the Warriors in the Finals with 3 All-Stars in Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and LeBron James, yet the Cavs never stood a chance as they stole only one game and were inevitably obliterated by the somehow even more stacked Warriors, 4-1.

Now if the Cavs do somehow land Paul George, the Cavs would no doubt be able to contend with the Warriors, but if it happens, the NBA would be ruined even more than it already is. There would be no point in calling the NBA a league anymore if we all know who is going to end up in the Finals. It would be two teams fighting for a title while everyone else is just hoping to make it to the Conference Finals, where they’ll end up getting their asses kicked anyway (except for the Spurs). There would be no excitement for any other franchises. It would be great to have your team make the playoffs but if they’re inevitably going to lose to the Cavs or Warriors then what’s the point of having them make it?

Not many teams will want to rent George for the season, except for the Cavs, but if he goes there, who’s to say that it’s a certainty that he will sign for the Lakers. Stuff happens and things change, who knows where George will end up over the next few years, maybe if he goes to the Cavs and gets a taste for championship basketball he’ll stay with the Cavs or sign with the Spurs or other contenders, because there’s little chances the Lakers will right the ship and return to their glory day level of play within the next few seasons.

For the sake of the NBA though, Paul George should stay with the Pacers for this season, make LeBron sweat in the East a little bit, and then sign with the Lakers during the next free agency period and begin to help them win again, while also helping the Spurs give the Warriors something to worry about. But if Paul George does end up getting traded to the Cavs, next season might as well just start off in the Finals and skip the regular season and first few rounds of the playoffs, because it’d be an almost certainty that the Cavs and Warriors will end up going 7 games to decide who the champion is.

But if the Cavs don’t land George and he does end up getting traded, don’t sleep on the possibility of the Celtics landing him after their acquisition of multiple first round picks, or the Spurs, due to San Antonio having the best front office in the entire NBA. Somehow or someway R.C. Buford would make something happen to land George.


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